Displaying a passionate artistic flair in the realm of cocktails, Massimo Zitti, known as Massi, embodies a fervent dedication to the hospitality industry, starting his journey as a junior barista at 14 and discovering his profound passion for mixology at 17.

His global ventures across seven countries have enriched his expertise. After running diverse bar programs, he realized his dream with the creation of Mother Cocktail Bar on Queen Street, in Toronto recognized as the 37th best in the 50 Best North America Awards.

Alongside this success, his venture ‘Secret Diners’ celebrates culinary artistry through themed pairing dinners.

Notably, Massimo’s accolades include being crowned the World Class Canadian Champion in 2022 and securing 5th place globally in the same year. His mentoring prowess shone in 2023 when protégé Jacob Martin achieved the prestigious global win.

For Massi, hospitality is a fusion of art, diligence, and genuine emotion, crafting an authentic and humble guest experience.

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